Comprehensive Managed IT Services for Enhanced Business Performance

Discover unparalleled managed IT support tailored to your business needs with our Managed Services. Elevating your business operations, our service offers a perfect blend of onsite and remote technical support, proactive network monitoring, and strategic IT planning, all designed to minimize downtime and boost performance.

Leveraging advanced tools like ConnectWise Automate and Auvik, and guided by ITIL standards and stringent SLAs, we ensure a seamless, cost-effective IT management solution. Whether you require full-time onsite support, part-time flexibility, or cutting-edge remote monitoring and management, our skilled technical team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support that aligns with your business size and objectives. Embrace the future of IT management with our expert services designed to keep your business ahead.

Managed Services

Tailored IT Support and Proactive Managed Services for Your Business

Our managed Services deliver customised IT support and management solutions, including onsite and remote assistance, proactive network monitoring with tools like ConnectWise Automate and Auvik, and comprehensive support tailored to your business’s size and needs. Guided by ITIL standards and SLAs, our services aim to minimise downtime, enhance performance, and provide strategic insights for future IT planning, all delivered cost-effectively by our skilled technical team.

Onsite and Remote Support:

inq. provides an extensive range of technical support solutions encompassing Security, Network, Server and Desktop support. Our highly skilled technical service desk agents are available to assist with consultation, troubleshooting as well as general maintenance and offer support from Tier 1 to Tier 4. inq. offers maintenance and support services guided by SLAs designed on ITIL standards. Using a service desk tool that allows both our clients and support teams to track incidents to resolutions that includes automated notifications and escalations.

Outsourced IT Support:

inq. provides comprehensive managed support options tailored to the unique preferences of our clients. For those seeking a permanent onsite presence, we offer fully managed support with a dedicated technician stationed onsite. Alternatively, for smaller clients who prefer flexibility, we provide the option of having a technician onsite for a predetermined number of hours each week.
Irrespective of your organisation’s size, we are committed to delivering a customised, cost-effective solution to manage your IT support requirements effectively.
  • Full time and part time options
  • Internal staff training and development to ensure up-to-date knowledge of products
  • Fully skilled and qualified
  • Full HR Management

Proactive and Reactive Support:

inq. provides managed services for networks and devices through remote monitoring and management, leveraging our cutting-edge ConnectWise software. Our adept support team actively oversees all errors and notifications within your network, ensuring the timely identification of potential issues and swift resolution through proactive escalation, adhering to the ITIL Standard. Our proactive IT managed services employ a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform by using ConnectWise Automate and Auvik that seamlessly integrate into our service desk platform, allowing continuous monitoring of your IT network’s health and performance without disrupting your employees’ activities. The robust RMM platform facilitates early detection and remediation of issues, mitigating the risk of downtime or data loss. Additionally, we generate regular reports offering insights into your IT system, including the business value and services received. These reports aid in strategic planning and budgeting for future IT expenses. We extend a range of managed services, encompassing the oversight of links, enterprise wireless networks, and servers. Our Managed Services platform utilises an enterprise-grade agent installed on your devices, enabling us to deliver diverse services.
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Business Availability
  • Desktop Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Server and Network Management

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