Schedule 53 – Azure


  1. SCOPE


1.1 It is recorded and agreed between the Parties that the Service to be provided by inq. to the Subscriber in terms of this Schedule shall include the following:


  • Azure Services based on monthly reporting
  • All faults during Business Hours
  • Monthly limit notifications sent to the nominated Technical Contact described below.


1.2 The Monthly Limit as defined in the Proposal and Schedule is not a hard cap and is only used as a guideline to provide the Subscriber with notifications once the 80%, 90% and/or 100% of the allocated Monthly Limit is reached. The Monthly Limit is estimated based on the requirements as specified in the inq. proposal and may be adjusted upon written request from the Technical Contact.


1.3 inq. shall send email notifications to the Technical Contact(s) at 80%, 90% and 100% of the Monthly Limit.


1.4 The Subscriber will notify inq. in writing, and in advance, should there be a unique event that caused an extraordinary significant increase in the monthly usage and shall indicate whether the increase is a temporary or permanent requirement so that notifications may be adjusted accordingly. Any access usage will be billed to the Subscriber. If the Subscriber exceeds the Monthly Limit on a second occasion during any 12 (twelve) month period, the Subscriber will automatically be upgraded into the higher usage band and be billed accordingly.




2.1 Invoicing for the Azure Service is done monthly in arrears.


2.2 Invoices are payable COD.


2.3 Exchange rate fluctuations shall be adjusted as and when the exchange rate fluctuates without notice.




3.1 The Technical Contact(s) as supplied by the Subscriber shall receive administrative rights.


3.2 The Subscriber shall nominate and appoint the person/s as the Technical Contact(s) who is/are duly authorised by the Subscriber to remove, add, and change the services. It is specifically recorded that the Technical Contact(s) has/ve authority to exceed the Monthly Limit in Azure without notifying inq.. Any change performed by the Technical Contact(s) will automatically affect the monthly billing to the Subscriber without notice.


3.3 Any changes to the Technical Contact(s) shall be communicated in writing by either the Technical Contact(s) or a human resources manager of the Subscriber.


3.4 The Subscriber agrees and understands that the payment terms for invoices issued under this Schedule are strictly COD. Failure to make timeous payment shall result in the Azure Services to be suspended without notice. The Subscriber further accepts and understand that such suspension may result in the Subscriber’s data no longer being stored and/or backed up and access to the platform will be restricted. The Subscriber undertakes to maintain adequate records and backups of its data at all times.


3.5 In the event that the Azure Services are suspended as envisaged in clause 3.4, the Subscriber undertakes and agrees to defend, indemnify, hold free and harmless inq., its directors and its employees, at the Subscriber’s sole expense, from and against any and all liabilities, claims and actions bought against inq. and/or any loss or damages suffered by the Subscriber arising out of such suspension.




4.1 It is specifically recorded that inq. shall not be obliged to provide the following services, and same shall fall outside of the scope of the Support Services to be provided by inq. in terms of this Schedule:


  • Backups of data stored in Azure
  • Firewalling
  • Setup and configuration of Azure Tenant
  • Incidents and Change Requests
  • Connectivity

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