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inq., a global Edge solutions provider, has today announced an agreement with Enea AB to licence the Enea Edge Intellectual Property (IP) through a perpetual software development licence.

Enea Edge is an open virtualisation and management platform for edge devices such as white box uCPEs. It provides a minimum footprint and focuses on maximum performance, specifically around networking and edge applications.

“Enea Edge IP is extremely strategic for inq. We have been working steadily towards being a global edge leader and have embarked on having edge as part of our core strategy. While inq. has been mainly focusing on edge applications such as AI, SDN, NFV and IoT, with the IP licenced from Enea inq. will now be able to enter the edge orchestration space,” Andile Ngcaba, Executive Chairman of inq.

With access to the Enea Edge’s Software Development Kit and IP, this now positions inq. as an Edge Technology company with full-stack ownership, from Devices, Hypervisors to Edge Orchestration and Applications.

“inq. is now building a product roadmap for ENEA Edge in the inq. Development Centre in India. We will be able to provide business and technical support to ENEA Edge’s existing client base and a licensing arrangement for Global Telco’s, ISPs and MSPs for uCPE and Whitebox deployment,” Pramod Venkatesh , Group CTO inq.

inq. has worked closely with Enea over the last two years and utilised Enea Edge as the virtualisation and management software foundation for the inq. universal CPE platform. This licencing agreement will allow inq. to build its roadmap, which can also be offered to other users of Enea Edge.

Enea Edge has the potential to be used in building virtualised networks; therefore, inq. can also work with ISPs and MNOs in Europe and Africa to fast-track the virtualisation of their networks and can take a lead role as part of 5G deployments by providing the orchestration layer.